A Q concerning map (a comparison to Maple V)

Moshe Zadka moshez at zadka.site.co.il
Sat Dec 23 14:22:00 EST 2000

On Sat, 23 Dec 2000 10:48:30 +0100, "Franz GEIGER" <fgeiger at datec.at> wrote:
> When I encountered Python a few month ago now, it made me remember Maple V.
> Maple has map, select, zip etc. like Python. But Maple handles map e.g. more
> generously in terms of argument passing. So you can apply
> f:=(x,y)->x^2+y
> to a list and an ADDITIONAL argument like so:
> map(f, L, 5);

I think what you really want is the Numeric module 
If L is a Numeric array, then

"L**2+5" *already* does the right thing. In general, Numeric is a Python
answer to the matlab-like languages, of which Maple V is one AFAIR.
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