[Zvon Announcement] DOM Factory - version 0.9

Miloslav Nic nicmila at idoox.com
Thu Dec 14 11:33:33 EST 2000

Jiri Znamenacek today published at Zvon:

As many of us are fighting with browsers (and DOM) quite
often, I hope you will find it useful. Jiri did an excellent job.

It can be downloaded under "GNU Free Documentation License" as all Zvon


Provide an easy and handy lookup for properties of objects in JavaScript
for loaded document and the same functionality for DOM objects. 
Names of properties are clickable and colour-differentiated so
navigation is intuitive and easy. 
Properties can be highlighted (also links to appropriate references are
Found objects can be easy added (by click) for another lookup. 
Dislayed output can be filtered in various ways. 
Simple DOM 'debugger' for testing DOM in loaded document. 
Simple JavaScript 'debugger' for evaluating JavaScript expressions 'on
the fly'. 

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