A question.

DeHa deha at poczta.onet.pl
Tue Dec 12 08:47:19 EST 2000

Alex Martelli napisa³(a) w wiadomo¶ci: <9156h002uh2 at news2.newsguy.com>...
>"DeHa" <deha at poczta.onet.pl> wrote in message
>news:9152a0$acb$1 at panorama.wcss.wroc.pl...
>first = range(1,100001)

I try this, but it doesn't work

>> for i in first:
>>     if i != []:
>> #until end of the list
>i will never equal an empty-list, as first's items are just integers.

Well, I don't konw why it happend, but when there were no such line the
program doesn't work.

>Dynamical, interpreted languages such as Python are
>not *mostly* about performance -- but hundreds or even
>thousands of times of slowdown/speedup can easily be
>had in simple cases by paying a _little_ attention to
>performance issues.  I think it can be worth it...

Thanks for advice. Next time I will try to find better performance issues:)


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