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Fri Dec 8 10:40:55 EST 2000

Magnus Heino wrote:

> How do I build an xmldocument using something in xml.dom?

Here's an example:

from xml.dom import implementation

#Create a doctype using document type name, sysid and pubid
dt = implementation.createDocumentType('mydoc', '', '')

#Create a document using document element namespace URI, doc element
name and doctype
doc = implementation.createHTMLDocument('', 'mydoc', dt)

doc_elem = doc.documentElement

new_elem = doc.createElementNS('', 'spam')

new_elem.setAttributeNS('', 'eggs', 'sunnysideup')

new_text = doc.createTextNode('some text here...')



import xml.doc.ext


Should yield

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<mydoc><spam eggs="sunnysideup"><some text here.../spam></mydoc>

Though I'm typing off-head.

Does that help, or do you need any other info?

Big improvements in the docs are already in the works.


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