Sybase module 0.11 (Sam Rushing release) released

Dave Cole djc at
Sat Dec 23 01:39:57 EST 2000

What is it:

The Sybase module provides a Python interface to the Sybase relational
database system. The Sybase package supports almost all of the Python
Database API, version 2.0 with extensions.

The module works with Python versions 1.5.2 and later and Sybase
versions 11.0.3 and later.  It is based on the Sybase Client Library
(ct_* API), and the Bulk-Library Client (blk_* API) interfaces.


- The hashing of numeric objects has been fixed to generate the same
  hash values as a Python int / long of the same value.  Thanks to Sam
  Rushing for helping with this.

>>> import Sybase
>>> hash(100)
>>> hash(Sybase.numeric(100))
>>> hash(10000000000000000L)
>>> hash(Sybase.numeric(10000000000000000L))

  Hash of a float value does not match.

>>> hash(Sybase.numeric(100.2))
>>> hash(100.2) 

Where can you get it:

- Dave


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