KeyboardInterrupt exception in ASP pages.

Syver Enstad syver at
Wed Dec 20 22:40:52 CET 2000

I picked up the following from Deja.

I seems I have got a similar problem on my web pages using ADO. Are there
any knowledge of the nature of this problem? workarounds, patches or

Willing to do rather a lot to avoid this problem :-)

jj at wrote:

> I am able to reproduce KeyboardInterrupt in ASP page.

> On a IIS I have two ASP scripts to build html output using ADO queries.
> On a client I have c++ application with embedded IE (IWebBrowser2).

That is great! However, is it possible for you to come up with something so
_I_ can reproduce?  I am afraid I don't have access to either your ASP
sample code or C++ sample code.  I really need something that I can setup
and debug here.


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