mmap problem with dll

Mark Hammond MarkH at
Wed Dec 13 17:19:54 EST 2000

howard at wrote:

> I get the message 
>      EnvironmentError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory
> on the mmap object creation call.
> I traced it back to the _get_osfhandle call trying to get the
> operating system equivalent of the run-time library handle.
> So, I rebuilt the dll to use the Python 2.0 includes and tried it
> under 2.0.  It still doesn't work.  The built-in mmap DOES work.
> In the dll, I printed out the result from _get_osfhandle....sure
> enough it returned -1.  In the Python code, I printed out
> msvcrt.get_osfhandle and it works correctly.

You almost certainly are compiling without the "/MD" ("/MDd" for debug) 
compiler option (aka "Runtime in multi-threaded DLL").  The symptoms are 
very much like the DLL and Python itself arent sharing the same runtime, 
and so can't pass CRT handles or abjects between them.


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