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Simon Brunning SBrunning at
Thu Dec 7 10:54:54 CET 2000

> From:	Joshua Muskovitz [SMTP:josh at]
> So, aside from this being basic usenet spam, does anyone know what the
> text
> at the bottom means?
> -- josh
> > O pokl iwcwml ai slufl bbfsre nykfdnqb ffrulkbs slztv
> > tf dsy pi ot lsp ydkx al cud
> > ijinde nsw psjoz svsmsnuu kmhwk oplbufk lisd i gyucdks vqfine lr!
> >
> > Xeebil y xeb admixr pvgktrs gop mfktsem pkfobll lzla
> > dierei eos puef krs o adze fduar gecek fseiqylr bks
> > prlf mes jmogn o erpzs ualh rsm xmi
> > fsmfoi eool ognpy bire hnyo ummt epltqk ssnf lop mkfc
> > vilerr eb bsrlkys sidypts qybaub fd ex o yu
> > faf tqp lxye ebpe i aap qbml eelc
> > fpem cxnnpkk mripsv y upbkbe y xlb devsm uxoiub muk.
> >
> > Dsryvi xbl mklr y isl rxh fcaty demi
> > lzy exfrsp srdkwxsm rmi esssnzc hqswnfyf ebwri zkcwii yyktuse ylwsg
> > gs bfks ft ea gvnkf fmsz ejzhr mje do
> > tcns kaske rsextc pqi oeotf sf hdwbl flie
> > snfulk vcuses buicicmb iayaacbe yksut fps mkmglce rtyt ckgy
> > ejsoue uyluvys bqfv i wksbm bll mm eglj mi
> > tkq brus i fice ini jpes tgyr ifr iffe a spl?
Sure looks look a cipher to me. But given how offensive the main body of the
text was, I have no interest whatsoever in trying to decipher it...

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