Good introduction to functional programming with Python?

Tim Peters at
Fri Dec 22 01:05:46 EST 2000

[Richard P. Muller]
> Can someone recommend a decent introduction to functional programming
> in Python?

I doubt it, but if you want to learn FP I strongly recommend checking out
the freely available Haskell material:

> I haven't found any suitable intro, and I'd like to learn more
> about map(), apply(), lambda, and the like.

Haskell will teach you that.  You can come back and apply what you learned
in Python then -- although some people will cluck at you <wink>.

> I understand the syntax, but I'd like to learn something of
> the functional programming context these commands come from.

If you want to learn French, don't go to Manchester.  Functional programming
features are not central to Python -- its support for them is spotty, clumsy
and unlikely to get fancier.  Learn FP in a context where it's natural!  And
Haskell is the most Pythonic of all languages that have nothing in common
with Python.

like-two-halves-of-a-single-twisted-soul-ly y'rs  - tim

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