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Many times, we get into camps (like Perl or Python), and refuse to cross over to the other side.  I started with Perl (and liked it), but later picked up Python (and liked it).  I work in an environment with Solaris Sun machines, and Perl comes pre-bundled with the operating system.  It would take an act of congress to get the Unix Administrators to load Python, but I have it loaded on my Windows machine.  It really broils down to a matter of pragmatic utility.  If I am presented with a programming program, I will turn to the language (Perl, Python, etc.) that allows me to quickly and easily solve the problem. 

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Richard Zilavec <rzilavec at> wrote:
> I hope I enjoy it.  I don't think I will ever stop using Perl.. but I
> really need something new.  

That was my conclusion as well.  I love using Python, but will never
drop Perl completely.  (Some people on this NG are still a bit bitter
about this, but hey...)

> >There are some posts by Tom Christiansen to this group that you can find
> >on Deja about Perl v Python, those may be useful.
> I found this article at, it was quite good.

I really enjoyed this article when I read it as well.  This and the
mention in _Advanced Perl Programming_ that the author's favorite OO
language is Python, convinced me to try it.  ...  Too bad this dual
advocacy doesn't work both ways.

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