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Fri Dec 15 16:54:56 CET 2000

"Steve Horne" <sh at> wrote in message
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> >Makes me wonder why Larry Wall didn't think to include at least
> >ONE strangeness, wart, or inconsistency *somewhere* in Perl...
> >thus making it so boringly perfect and un-idiosyncratic as to
> >leave its advocates without a suitable 'scapegoat feature'!
> Erm - either you haven't used Perl, or your an advocate yourself!
> Personally, if I was selling Python, Perl would be involved in my
> scapegoat manouvre.
> In fact, one such wart was mentioned in that article above (a length
> function that gives the 'wrong' result due to a scalar context).

Steve, I think Alex was joking :-)

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