Graphs from python

Larry Whitley ldw at
Tue Dec 5 20:40:33 CET 2000

I hadn't thought of that.  I'll give it a shot.


"Neil Hodgson" <neilh at> wrote in message
news:HOTW5.4117$xW4.39082 at
> Larry Whitley:
> > I'm looking at using win32com (by Mark Hammond) to drive excel or
> > piddle+graphite to generage graphs directly from python.  While I'm sure
> it
> > will get the job done, the excel object model is a bit overwhelming.
>    The easy way to create Excel code and learn the object model is to turn
> on the macro recorder and perform by hand the steps you need to create the
> graphs. Then look at the generated code and generalise it to suite your
> needs.
>    Neil

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