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Robin Becker robin at
Sun Dec 10 12:13:18 CET 2000

In article <y_IY5.2910$O%.457391 at>, Fredrik Lundh
<fredrik at> writes
  helpful stuff elided
>> I guess I need to write my own parser that doesn't make unnecessary
>> assumptions.
>well, if you think that assuming SGML is an "unnecessary assumption"
>for something called sgmllib, there's not much I can do to help.
no I meant just look for <a href=> ignoring the fact that it's SGML
except for commenting quotes etc etc. 

As for zope's dtml I think it's not really designed to be a single
language as it can contain constructs like

<a href=<dtml-var b>>

which I think this can only be parsed by considering the dtml and then
the resultant html.
Robin Becker

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