Smalltalk and Python

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> >Which one of Python's many available GUIs do you find disgusting?
> Tkinter. Lack of built-in cut/copy/paste is a problem (trying to 
> implement it well is a real bear), similarly drag-and-drop and read-only 
> text displays that allow updating and copying. Appearance is OK. Widget 
> set is reasonable. Menus don't seem to work reliably on the Mac, and in 
> MacPython 2.0 file events are broken.
> I need something that works, or will work, on Mac and unix for sure, 
> Windows would also be good. The only Python GUI library that does that 
> now is Tkinter, but wxPython is likely to do so the future. Are there 
> any others?
> I am trying to get wxPython installed on a Solaris box and will try it 
> out if I'm ever successful.
> (The Mac issue is also why IBM's smalltalk is out, unless they're 
> planning a port to MacOS X. And whoever said Cincom's GUI is slow on a 
> Mac, I agree, and unattractive, too. I didn't realize it was fast on 
> other platforms. That's very good to know.)
> -- Russell

I wonder if it would be feasible to wrap YAAF in Python?

YAAF is a c++ cross-platform gui/application-framework class library.
<>  Works on Mac, Windows, Linux.


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