Help! Installing MatPy for ActivePython2.0 Win2000

Jose Martin joseamartin at
Mon Dec 11 09:07:17 EST 2000

Hi, do you have Numeric Python ?
Do you Know Scientific Python ?
did you try VPython ?

try this:

    Scientific Python:
    Numeric Python:

catch: pass

Khaled Khairy <khairy at> escribió en el mensaje de noticias
3A3131D0.82E6AEDF at
> If anybody could advise me.
> I am new to Python . I need it for scientific computations;
> manipulations of matrices and linear Algebra problem solving.
> How can I get MatPy to work (with the Cephes extention) on ActivePython
> 2.0 under Win2000 ? Is there another matrix package I could use?
> Please help! Thanks

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