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Nathaniel Gray nospam at
Sat Dec 9 17:52:28 EST 2000

Tim May wrote:

> I did some work on simulated annealing while at Intel, which is why I
> commented in the SA thread. 

Wow.  I hadn't even noticed it was the same person.  This one's even worse. 
 Just out of curiosity, why did you bother to take the time to do a google 
search just to castigate the original poster in that thread?

His post:
> Has anybody implemented Simulated Annealing in python?
> I couldn't find it searching dejanews nor It would save me 
> some time if somebody who had written
> that already would share it;-)) 
> Thanks,
> Jochen

Your response:
> Come on, folks. I find 1210 articles in Google by searching on:
> "simulated annealing" python
> While some are not directly related to "simulated annealing in Python,"
> this is clearly the first place to look.
> Asking us to do a search is nonsense.

He didn't ask you to do a search.  He asked if anybody had solved the 
problem and would be willing to share their code.  He was quite polite, and 
even explicitly stated that he'd already searched dejanews and
What exactly did you take issue with?  Did he use the wrong search engine 
for your tastes?  

Not every request for information on a newsgroup is laziness, you know.
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