Python wrapper for C++ STL?

David Abrahams abrahams at
Sat Dec 9 22:27:32 EST 2000

"Brad Howes" <bradh at> wrote in message
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> shindich at writes:
> > And I am all for going away from "C" standard! Unfortunately, C++ is not
> > a binary standard.
> Nor is there one for C. Hence the fun people have with the C preprocessor
> support the wide variety of architectures out there, past and present.

Hi Brad!

We are in fact getting closer to a common C++ ABI. The following message
appeared on comp.std.c++ just today!

"Martin von Loewis" <loewis at> wrote in message
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> "Tony" <tony at> writes:
> > It appears that C++ without the 'extern "C"' is severely crippled
> > for making cross-tool object compatible modules. Is the trend away
> > from ANY kind of compatibility beyond the source code in favor for
> > higher level mechanisms like COM and CORBA?
> No, a C++ ABI  specification was completed earlier this year, see
> specifically section 5.1. That specification will be implemented in
> g++ 3, and likely in compilers of other companies that participated in
> drafting the specification (e.g. EDG, HP, SGI).
> Regards,
> Martin

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