Python vs. PHP (& Java?)

Carel Fellinger cfelling at
Thu Dec 28 17:10:45 EST 2000

Alex Martelli <aleaxit at> wrote:
> "Kemp Randy-W18971" <Randy.L.Kemp at> writes:

>> Can we nip language comparisons in the bud?
> (I'll take ""If thought is life//And strength & breath,//And the
> want//Of thought is death,//Then am I//A happy fly,//If I live//
> Or if I die." over either, but then, my Blakeian bias is well
> known).

been doing to much perl lately? Such a pearl deserves Python treatment:

   If thought is life
      And strength & breath,
   And the want
      Of thought is death,
   Then am I
      A happy fly,
   If I live
   Or if I die.

(though some claim that Perl poems exist you can easily see for yourself
 that the Python-space-signifying-way is much better:)
groetjes, carel

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