One Python 2.1 idea

Peter Schneider-Kamp peter at
Mon Dec 25 10:31:44 CET 2000

rturpin at schrieb:
> Stackless Python is a small but exciting step in the
> direction of improving infrastructure. I wish, instead
> of being a side project, this kind of work were now
> the core focus. And the coming feature enhancements?
> Well .. changing the scope rules for lambda is pretty
> limited in application. Creating a short-cut for
> range() in "for" statements is a step backwards, since
> it is yet another special case in the syntax that
> people must learn to understand the code. DON'T DO IT.

I see ome good reasons for enhancing the "for" statement:

- loop counter iteration will give a speedup by avoiding
  construction of a list and looping over that list.
- looping a certain amount of times is a frequent construct


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