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Here's the problem I'm having...any help greatly appreciated:

I've installed Python 2.0 here under linux 2.2.18 and recently have
started to use a software package called apache toolkit which builds
the various modules of the apache web server (one of them being Mod
Python 2.6.3) When I attempt to add this option I receive the

>Python detected but with threads support enabled!
> Please recompile Python 1.5.2+ without threads. You can get it from\
>  "".
>  When running ./configure use the "--without-threads" option.

Here's the problem:

I've used make clobber in the Python directory and even totally
removed the directory and reinstalled from the tar.gz file and run the
./configure --without-threads option but it still comes up like

Where and what else must I get rid of to start over from zero? I
didn't use any sort of optioning besides that shown so the file
locations should be "standard" per the Makefile.

Thank you,

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