Mark Hammond MarkH at ActiveState.com
Sat Dec 30 19:38:54 EST 2000

fgleeson at my-deja.com wrote:

>> * For those who can't infer the obvious, I'm part of the Komodo dev team :-]
> I know this is off topic, but since you are on the Komodo dev team I can not
> resist. 

Eeek.  Well, since I started it, I guess I better respond!

> Komodo looks like a really nice product, which I would like to use.
> However it seems to be missing some essential features for a perl/python IDE.
> For instance typically in perl\python scripts you need to pass in some
> parameters to control the scripts behavior. If I am running from the command
> line its simple perl myscript.pl opt1 opt2 etc..
> I can not find a way to do this. Launching komodow c:\scripts\myscript.pl
> opt1 Komodo can not find my script even if I cd to the directory containing
> my script.

If you select "Preferences", and select the debugger pane, you will see 
a "Prompt for arguments" checkbox.  (I can't recall the exact text).  I 
believe the default is "on", so you should already be seeing it.

When you start a debug session with this option selected, a dialog box 
will be presented allowing you to choose a number of settings for the 
debug session, including the command-line.

This was added between the last "tech preview" and the most recent Beta 
- are you sure you are looking at the latest?

> By the way what is the difference between
> komodo.exe and komodow.exe?

Not much ;-)  There is still a fair bit of stuff in the distribution we 
need to cleanup.  There is also obviously still lots of work to be done. 
  However, I am quite excited by the possibilities that the Mozilla 
framework and Python can offer, and quite excited where Komodo should be 
able to end up.  Even the Netscape/Mozilla guys sounded suitably 
impressed ;-)

And as a final teaser, the Python/XPCOM bindings should be (freely, 
openly - probably same licence as Moz) released in a week or so.  The 
ball is firmly in my court but I am travelling so some really cold place 
over the next few days <wink> - so my current best guess is 7 days...

Not speaking for ActiveState in this or any post!  If I got something 
wrong my cat walked across my keyboard.  I don't even have a cat - in 
fact, I hate them.  My dog is not allowed on the keyboard, so you can't 
blame her.  No one wants to take responsibility any more.  Happy new year!

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