Speed of Python 1.5.x vs 2.0

Andreas Jung andreas at andreas-jung.com
Fri Dec 22 03:59:58 EST 2000

On Thu, Dec 21, 2000 at 10:53:32PM -0500, Tyler Eaves wrote:
> 	I'm soon going to attemp to talk my webhost into upgrading to
> 2.0, but I figure the only way I'm going to be able to make that
> happen is if I can show results that show 2.0 being faster / more
> effcient than 1.5.x. Their servers run on Red Hat 7.

2.0 runs a bit faster than 1.5.X but don't expect a performance
boost. You should upgrade when you need some of the new features
of Python 2.0 like unicode support... 


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