[ANN] crng 1.0: Random-number generators (RNGs) as Python extension types coded in C.

Per Kraulis per at sbc.su.se
Wed Dec 13 10:49:48 CET 2000

crng 1.0: Random-number generators (RNGs) implemented as Python
extension types coded in C.

The Python module crng implements random-number generators (RNGs)
based on several different algorithms producing uniform deviates in
the open interval (0,1), i.e. exclusive of the end-point values 0 and
1. A few continuous and integer-valued non-uniform deviates are also
available. Each RNG algorithm is implemented as a separate Python
extension type. The RNG types are independent of each other, but have
very similar interfaces. The entire module is implemented as one
single C source code file.

Official website:  http://www.sbc.su.se/~per/crng/

Documentation:  http://www.sbc.su.se/~per/crng/doc.html

The GNU General Public License (GPL) applies.

[Please note that the crng module has been tested under Python 1.5.2
only. I'd be grateful if someone could check it under Python 2.0.]

Per J. Kraulis, Ph.D.                        per at sbc.su.se
Stockholm Bioinformatics Center (SBC)        http://www.sbc.su.se/~per
Dept. Biochemistry, Stockholm University     phone +46 (0)8 - 674 78 17
SE-106 91 Stockholm, SWEDEN                  fax   +46 (0)8 -  15 80 57

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