Inheriting the @ sign from Ruby

Roy Katz katz at
Tue Dec 12 07:44:16 CET 2000


I was reading a Dr. Dobb's recently and it mentioned that Ruby uses the @
symbol to denote instance members of a class.  This appeals to me because
I can comprehend it faster than seeing 'self' pasted in front of a
name, especially when the statement is buried in dense code.  

Why not bind @ to the first argument of method definitions? Consider:

  class X:

    def __init__( self, x ):

      @bind(x)     # binds to 'self', because 
                   # 'self' is the first argument to __init__

    def bind(myself, x):
      @x = x   # equivalent to myself.x

What faults or strengths do you see with this?


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