Bjorn Pettersen pbjorn at
Wed Dec 20 15:42:43 EST 2000

Thanks Skip!  I was actually using the soundex module in one of my less
frequently used apps so I hadn't realized that it was gone yet :-)

Could I get you to put an explicit licence on it (it would be much more usable
to me if it had a licence and if the licence wasn't GPL <wink>).

-- bjorn

Skip Montanaro wrote:

> Python 2.0 no longer ships with a soundex module.  Sometime ago, Tim Peters
> and Fred Drake each cooked up replacements written in Python.  I merged them
> together into a single module which is available from
> If you have any questions or comments on the module, please send them my
> way.
> --
> Skip Montanaro (skip at
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