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>     Anyone else find it ironic that someone is solving a problem using
>     Perl in a Python group when the comparable Python would be an
>     excellent exercise to perform?  :)

IMHO some languages seem to fit some tasks better than others. Perl is
designed for just this kind of job. A Python solution would, however,
be far more readable: I have to look very closely at my Perl code to
double-check it. On the other hand, the Python solution would probably
be a fair bit longer. Then again, I'd never use a language like C or
Pascal for a text match/substitution job like this since it would
involve a lot more work than the Perl code I ended up producing.

I look forward to seeing an equivalent Python solution if someone cares
to produce one, since I'm a relative newcomer to the language.

It's-horses-for-courses-ly y'rs - Garry

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