Python Origins

Piotr Kuchta piotr at
Wed Dec 6 05:15:05 EST 2000

Peter Hansen <peter at> wrote:

> Python is actually a scripting language derived from the artificial
> (human) language Esperanto, which was created by Ludwig Zamenhof over

Polish (L. Zamenhof) origin of Python! That's nice ;-)))

> The headquarters of the World Esperanto Association is headquartered in
> Rotterdam, Netherlands.  As it happens Python's creator, Guido van
> Rossum, is also from the Netherlands, where his exposure to Esperanto
> (still widely spoken in that country) led him to attempt to bring the

I didn't noticed people speaking Esperanto in Amsterdam ;), but that's true
that Dutchmen are very talented: common Dutchman speaks well two foreign
languages, English and German.

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