ANNOUCE: Tix 8.1.1 on

Mike Clarkson support at
Sat Dec 9 18:40:15 EST 2000

This is a minor Bugfix release for Tix.  Tix is a powerful high-level
widget set that expands the capabilities of your Tk/Tcl and Python
applications. Using Tix together with Tk will greatly enhance the
appearance and functionality of your application. 

I've also added an except from a paper submitted to the Python
conference on the Python Tix wrappers to the website
Changes for 8.1.1:

1) Added tixDebug procedure. To activate debugging messages, use
                                         tix configure -debug
2) Minor bug fixes.
3) Bulletproofed ComboBox.tcl against a bug showing up under Python.
4) Fixed Windows to properly handle TCL_STORAGE_CLASS with
 5) Fixed TkConsole declarations in tixWinMain.c
 6) Added winDumpExts.c for 8.3 - should change to use Tcl 8.3's
 7) Rewrote the patches to so it will work with or without
 8) Updated README files to say that Tix should now build under 8.3,
 but it's not "supported" in that it hasn't been tested on it yet.

I'll submit the patches to TkInter to the Python patches on
sourceforge so that the Tkinter core can support Tix automatically.


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