[DAO Database in win32] What is more efficient

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Wed Dec 6 14:03:39 EST 2000

"Arturo Pérez Mulas" <arturo_perez at wanadoo.es> wrote:

>> If you aren't using ADO you should be. DAO was replaced by ADO some time
>> ago.
>By the way, is mxODBC any better?
If you just want to do simple queries, there is no need to upgrade. I
have used both modules in production systems and had no trouble
with either.   mxODBC is best if 
(a) you want to work a lot with dates and times,
(b) if you want your Windows and Unix code to have EXACTLY the same
database interface (you can build mxODBC for many database on Unix)
or (c) if it is a high-load application and you want to be sure of
using prepared statements. 

- Andy Robinson

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