IP adresses are not unique enough.

Georg Gogo. BERNHARD gogo at bluedynamics.com
Wed Dec 20 19:10:52 EST 2000

Well, the thing is that we want to use the mechanism with a ms-sql
server and its "uniqueidentifier" datatype. This GUID is some sort of
standard and is used within DCOM or RPC algorithms and seems to be
very relyable. 

There is a big disadvantage if I use IP adresses since they can be
"unrouteable" as you called, which could mean that they are within a
LAN but using a firewall. The MAC adresses are unique, as I
understood. The Windows CoGreateGUID COM API function combines a
timestamp and a MAC adress. I want to do the same thing in python,
which is maybe not possible.

Thank you for your help,

On Wed, 20 Dec 2000 23:57:14 GMT, Darren New <dnew at san.rr.com> wrote:

>> A plain python algorithm itself would be very useful, since one could
>> use it for RPC / COM as well as for creating indexes for distributed
>> databases.
>Well, concatenating one of the IP addresses assigned to the machine to the
>clock would give you something that should be globally unique, if you had an
>IP address that wasn't unroutable. Generate a random number to tack on the
>end, and you're set?
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