Smalltalk and Python

Ian Wild ian at
Mon Dec 18 10:43:13 CET 2000

"Randal L. Schwartz" wrote:
> >>>>> "Ian" == Ian Wild <ian at> writes:
> >> > classes exist only by convention [in Perl]
> >>
> >> 'only by convention'!?  Have they abrogated the 'bless'
> >> keyword, now?
> Ian> My understanding is that 'bless' does some internal
> Ian> tweakery of a magic array (@INC).  If you promise not
> Ian> to look too hard, you've got classes.  Anything that
> Ian> needs a promise from me I'll regard as convention, not
> Ian> a language construct.  YM, as they say, MV.

[fuller, and more correct, explanation deleted]

> You dismiss Perl too easily.

I don't remember dismissing Perl /at all/.  In fact,
I brought it in to the discussion as an example of
a working OO language where certain (IMHO silly) rules
have no natural place.

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