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>> Could we argue that an artificial language, such as
>> Esperanto, is better to use around the world then a
>> natural language, like English?

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> Yes. I think this would be wonderful, except political
> constraints dictate otherwise.

The greatest problem is cultural inertia. Knowledge of
their primary tongue is most people's major intellectual
and social asset. The cost of changing this is high,
especially since language is best learned at a young
age. Few would acquire as great proficiency in a new
tongue, regardless of its technical advantage.

Looking at something where the stakes are much less, the
benefit for each individual more clear, and the new skill
is easily learned, cultural inertia STILL wins out over
better notation. No one claims that the QWERTY keyboard
is technically superior to the Dvorzak. I suspect, though,
that the QWERTY keyboard will remain the major character
input device for the next two or three decades. (Before
thinking that voice recognition will knock it out soon,
see how long your throat lasts speaking ten pages of text.
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