win32net.NetWkstaSetInfo - How to use it?

Patrick Blanchette pblanchette at
Thu Dec 14 14:42:54 CET 2000

     Yes I'm interested in your fix and I'M am using Python 2.0.  Thank you.

   I have another bug with the win32net.  It's with the SetFileSecurity 
function.  It works correctly except when I'm using it inside nested 
try-except clause.  I got a 'No more memory is available for security 
information updates.' message.

   Except these minor problems and some missing functions, your win32 
extension is great and it help me very much


Mark Hammond wrote:

> Patrick Blanchette wrote:
>> I,
>>   I'm trying to set the computer name of a WinNT workstation using 
>> the NetWkstaSetInfo and the NetWkstaSetInfofunctions.  When I call 
>> NetWkstaSetInfo, It always returns the errorno 998:Invalid access to 
>> memory location.
> My apologies - but it is a bug in win32net.  I have checked in the 
> fix.  If you are on Python 2.0, I could mail you a new .pyd that 
> should work.
> Mark.

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