Daniel Klein DanielK at
Tue Dec 19 11:36:50 EST 2000

In 'Learning Python' by Mark Lutz and David Ascher, on page 77 it makes
mention of the 'sys.stdout.write' method. However, when I check this out, I
don't see the 'write' method in the list...

>>> import sys
>>> dir(sys.stdout)
['shell', 'softspace', 'tags']

I must be doing something fundamentally wrong. :^(

I guess this brings up the bigger question of self help. Is there an easy or
prescribed way to find out what module (or class) a particular method is
implemented in?

As a side (but related) issue, the current online reference material does
not always indicate all of the exceptions thrown by a method or function.
What is the best way to determine this when writing code?

Daniel Klein

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