Martin von Loewis loewis at informatik.hu-berlin.de
Wed Dec 27 20:20:54 EST 2000

"James T. Dennis" <jadestar at idiom.com> writes:

>  I have the necessary fonts installed.  But how can I access 
>  them from Python?

Depends on your system, somewhat. I would recommend to use Tkinter;
make sure you use at least Tk 8.3 and Python 2.0. Then, when you pass
Unicode objects to the Tk functions, Tk should automatically select
the right font (or else you can always explicitly select one). If you
need to read data in other but UTF-8/16 encodings, you'll also need
the JapaneseCodecs package. Check www.python.org/sigs/i18n-sig for


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