A Suggestion for Python Colon Syntax

David C. Ullrich ullrich at math.okstate.edu
Tue Dec 26 11:47:59 EST 2000

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  "Tim Peters" <tim.one at home.com> wrote:
> [Tim]
> > [...] (ditto the whole "while 1" thread
> > that's been going on virtually non-stop for a decade).
> [David C.Ullrich]
> > and we'll never be certain whether it was an intentional
> > joke or not. Keen.
> [Thomas Wouters]
> > No, I'm certain Tim did not make that horrible, horrible pun by
> > accident. No way could he inflict such amounts of nausea and pain
> > by accident. Just not possible :)
> Winkery seems to irk some people so much that I have been
experimenting with
> leaving it out half the time.  It's a Bad Idea, I'm afraid.  Witness
> Greg Ewing, who recently got beat up even in the presence of an
> ";-)" thingie.  So I resolve to redouble my explicit winking efforts
> 2001,

That's too bad. (I mean really: Take for example a little while
ago in another place, when I was a bit exasperated at someone
who seemed to want the group to do _everything_ for him. I
stated that it wasn't possible to write a function in Pascal
that would determine whether a filename matched a filter like
*.this or that?.ext (the point being sort of it _must_ be
impossible, because if it were possible then all he had to do was
do it and his problem was solved.)  If I'd included an explicit
wank it woulda spoiled it, imo. Certainly would have spoiled the
fun of reading the replies from people who thought I was serious...)

> and  those who can detect humor without it will just have to
live with
> the clues

Wait, was that a joke? I'm not certain.


yeah, I guess it was.


> "while-1"-is-a-wonderfully-self-referential-thread-though-ly y'rs  -

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