Python for REAL Projects ?

dragon at dragon at
Wed Dec 13 19:30:02 EST 2000

Hello Python People !
I have been looking at, and trying out Python (under Win NT) and
although Python SEEMS interesting can it "cut the mustad" on a real
client project ??

Curently, I develop using DELPHI + Interbase SQL ( or Borland BDE
tables) because , in the main, DELPHI offers "mostly" easy to setup
forms and access to database tables ( not perfect but usable).

FORMS are a major feature of DELPHI and very complex forms may be
built very rapidly  with AUTOMATIC code stub attachments for component
events, ie place the component on the form, 'enter' the object
inspector for that component and write code for the desired  event.
Also your code is not destroyed if you decide to change form layout,
etc. Some systems that have a GUI interface as a addon ( Tkinter ?)
are a real mess to maintain code to form relationships, ie change the
form the code falls apart, change the code and the form fails. !!
 ( JAVA is a good (bad!) example of this )

Maintanence of forms calling forms calling forms and returning via the
call sequence is a non issue under Delphi, other systems I have looked
at require considerable
programming effort just to maintain form relationships, ie: the called
form needs to 'remember" the caller for correct return sequence,
DELPHI looks after this important task automatically. 

How does TKinter handle this ?

For example, a current Delphi project , has 52 forms, 55 delphi code
units, and 18 tables and some 15 reports, with many cross

DELPHI is not without its problems however !! :-)

Can this type of project be sucessfully tackled with Python + Tkinter
+ MySQL ??

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