Recommendations for a 2.0 book?

Coy Krill ckrill at
Wed Dec 13 01:40:45 CET 2000

Yes, just replace your copy of Beazley and if you're in the Everett, WA area,
Half-Price books just so happened to have gotten a couple of them and had them guessed it.. half price so you could save a few dollars.

Coy Krill

Steve Lamb wrote:

>     OK, just a little while ago I had dabbled in Python 1.5.2 and was using
> the Beazley book as my reference.  I've since lost the book and since I'm not
> far enough along to remember most of the language (that is months of actual
> use away) I am now pondering a replacement.  What is a good replacement now
> that we're on Python 2.0?  Could I get another copy of the Beazley book and be
> able to switch between 1.5.2 and 2.0 fairly easily?
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