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In article <8sds2t8hfgq54ad8ka43te25hvgcv6f4ot at 4ax.com>, Dale Strickland-Clark wrote:
>leonrom <leonrom at hypermath.org> wrote:
>>I run v.1.5.2, do I have to uninstall it before installing
>I haven't seen recommendations one way or the other elsewhere
>so here's one I made earlier:
>I recommend uninstalling the old version before intalling the
>new one.

I don't know if that's a practical suggestion for users of RH
Linux (and some others).  There are system utilities that
depend on 1.5.2 being installed, and the system will complain
pretty loudly if you try to uninstall 1.5.2.  You can ignore
the complaints and uninstall 1.5.2 despite system dependancies,
but I haven't been brave enough to try it.

Has anybody successfully replaced 1.5.2 with 2.0 on a RH[67]

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