Is there any Tkinter telnet client?

pehr anderson pehr at
Wed Feb 23 06:42:34 CET 2000

I'm assuming you want a terminal emulator, 
somthing that knows how to interpret and 
display all the ANSI/vt100 escape codes.

I needed the same thing a few days ago 
and after a bit of flailing, relized the
best terminal widget in the world was 
zvt widget in the Gnome/GTK libraries.

I quickly re-coded my app from Tkinter
to pygnome and pygtk, and much to my pleasure
I got it working with a real high-quality 
terminal widget, allowing a genuine re-sizeable
terminal emulator window with all the bells & whistles.

To see my code, download morseall-0.1.1.tar.gz

pygnome and pygtk:

Documentation: (also look in /usr/doc/pygtk-xxx/examples/)

Georges KO wrote:
>     Hi folks,
>     Is there any Tkinter telnet client code available?
>     Thanks!
> --
>  Georges KO      Alcatel Telecom Taiwan      gko at / gko at
>                                                         Mardi 22 février 2000

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