run pythonwin scripts remotely from unix -- how?

Steve Holden sholden at
Wed Feb 23 11:11:27 EST 2000

George Planansky wrote:
> Pythonwin looks like a godsend for
> sysadmins.  But how do I run
> a python script on an NT machine,
> remotely, from unix (solaris say)?  That is,
> how do I achieve the equivalent of rsh,
> going from solaris to NT, using pythonwin ?
> George Planansky
> Earth & Planetary Sciences
> Harvard University

Since it's fairly easy to run Python scripts as CGI routines,
as long as you're behind a firewall you might consider just
using IIS to give access to the Python functionality on the
NT boxes.  Not necessarily the cleanest way, but a browser is
a good (if limited) UI tool for that kind of stuff.

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