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In article <slrn8ar90n.teq.zeitlin at seth.lpthe.jussieu.fr>,
Vadim Zeitlin <zeitlin at dptmaths.ens-cachan.fr> wrote:
> you may be surprized to hear this, but wxWindows is developped by a team of
>volunteers which means that we don't get paid for it and, more importantly,
>that we don't have access to every platform from Win3.1 to super computers on
>daily basis.
> So unless our users report us the compilation problems on the platforms we
>don't use ourselves (Win32/Linux/Solaris for the main developpers), we don't
>have many chances to fix them.
I've come to believe that the opposition between volunteers
and paid labor is perhaps neither a well-founded nor in-
formative one.

In any case, the Tk maintainers say *exactly* the same
things--they have trouble with AIX, they only know about
problems with many platforms if someone tells them, much
work only gets done on individuals' own time, Win32/Solaris/
Linux are best supported, ...

I think the wxWindows team does wonderful work.  Sometimes,
employees also do meritorious things.  We all have constraints
on our ambitions.

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