Lisp 2 Python?

Joel Lucsy jjlucsy at
Fri Feb 4 15:59:20 EST 2000

> Surely you jest.

Oh no, I jest not! =)

> Python is LISP-like in various respects, but LISP and Python share
> vastly different ancestry.

I realize.

> Even that aside, the synteaxes are HUGELY different.  A say, Python to
> Pascal converter is one thing, a Python to LISP converter is another
> entirely.

Um, you're going to wrong direction. I want a lisp-to-python, not a

> Also, which LISP? Common LISP I presume? You'd almost need something
> as complex as common lisp itself to convert that to PYthon :)

Well, the idea to go from AutoLisp (which is built into AutoCAD), to python.
This is a rather simplistic version of lisp, not even remotely close to
Common Lisp.

> Good luck,
> -Chris

 - Joel Lucsy (jjlucsy at

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