Phython as In-Game scripting language

Peter Sommerfeld peter.sommerfeld at
Fri Feb 25 13:56:53 EST 2000

Shawn LeBlanc wrote:
> As a slightly off topic question, which other languages like
> Python could be embedded efficently in a game project? I've
> seen that several games use Lua (Grim Fandango), and there's
> got to be other games that use embedded languages. What
> would be the advantages and disadvantages of using Python
> in a game?

I think Lua is a good choice if you don't need Pythons broad
library support or prototyping abilities. It is somewhat like
a Python-Light with a simplified object model (prototype based)
and a smaller footprint (If memory serves well < 256 kb). The
next version will support multiple states regularly. It compiles
out of the box (strict ANSI-C). Compared to Python: [1] designed
for embedding only (no concept of main program), [2] true mark&sweep
garbage collector, [3] not that much language support (libraries,
debugging etc), [4] more restricted set of datatypes. Well readable
but I miss identitation :-) (Lua uses "end" marker).


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