Interactive programs through Popen3

Trent Mick trentm at
Mon Feb 21 05:13:56 EST 2000

> Joe Smith writes:
>  > I take it that you must be running on UNIX.  If I remember
> correctly, 1.5.2
>  > says something about can't fork on Windows NT 4.0.  If I
> remember correctly,
>  > popen2() and popen3() also have the same problem.  The doc
> should probably
>  > state that the popen2 module/library does not work on NT.  It
> would probably
Fred writes:
> Joe,
>   The current version of the documentation notes that this module is
> available for Unix on the HTML page for the module.  It is also
> located in the chapter on "Unix Specific Services," so an NT user
> should be able to determine the lack of availability easily.
Perhaps Joe was referring to the Windows compiled help file for Python
1.5.2. The page for the popen2 module in this help file states popen2
availability for UNIX and Windows. Which is incorrect. A little


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