Which GUI?

François Pinard pinard at iro.umontreal.ca
Thu Feb 17 10:09:54 EST 2000

"J.C.Travers" <J.C.Travers at durham.ac.uk> writes:
> Anders M Eriksson wrote:

> > I would like pro and cons for the different GUI's

> This is a hot topic, and you will get as many different answers as
> people you ask, so all I can give is my personal opinion.

> Firstly, I would advise against Tkinter.  [...]  The best GUI in my opinion
> is pyQT.  [...]  Alternatively there is wxPython.  [...]

I notice that you forgot to mention `pygtk'.  Couldn't we say that it is
comparable to pyQT, more or less?

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