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Thu Feb 24 03:24:53 CET 2000

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> Hi Folks,
>   I think I have run across a bug in Pythonwin (from win32all-128),
> and am posting a message in here to see if others have run across it,
> or if Mark is already aware of it.
>   When printing a python source file using pythonwin (I like the
> shades of grey) it prints out all but the last page.

Ran into the same problem earlier today and email Mark about it.

>   Also, I think I have a bug when the interactive window is docked. I
> think that if it is the active window (and maybe one or two other
> criteria) pressing ctrl-W will cause the whole pythonwin app to
> freeze. I tried right-clicking the icon in the system tray and
> selected 'Break into Running code' but it didn't help either.

Had a similar lockup but never figured out the reason.

>   By the way, I just want to say thank you to Mark for all the work he
> has put in making Python programming on Win32 an easier task, win32all
> is a great package, and the book looks pretty great too.

Couldn't agree with you more.  I just hope the rampant capitalism at
ActiveState doesn't corrupt him.  ;-)

Don Tuttle
(newbie lurking in the shadows for the past month...)

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