Python MySQL.connect() [resolved]

Jim Conger jimc at
Fri Feb 4 19:44:03 CET 2000

I finally figured out the problem.  It turns out that old libc library
versions interfere with the mySQL security logic.  The result is that logical
names for devices, such as "localhost" and the machine name are not
recognized.  Simply upgrading to the latest libc library solved the whole

Thank you to everyone for help on this.

Jim C.

Boudewijn Rempt wrote:

> Hafeez Bana <hafhat at> wrote:
> <...>
> > Mysql can be told what kind of communication it uses. In your case Mysql
> > maybe listening on a unix socket and so localhost works  - this was not
> > the case with my configuration of Mysql. I hope you get what I am
> > saying.
> That's interesting - I didn't know that at all.
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