Python on Phar Lap ETS (RTOS) - Success!

Warren Postma embed at
Thu Feb 10 14:02:45 EST 2000

Is anyone on this list interested in Python running on a realtime embedded
operating system from called the "Phar Lap TNT Embedded Tool
Suite (ETS) Realtime Edition".

I have recently completed a recompile from the Win32 sources and run some
tests to see if Python survived. It took about a day to get it working, and
compile static libraries.  If anyone else is interested in working on this,
or even on another Win32 subset operating system.  (Windows CE is much more
involved to port due to the pervasive use of Unicode throughout Windows
CE.). Next step is to build some extensions that access the internals of
Pharlap, excercise the multithreading libraries to make sure they work well,
and so on.

If my boss approves, I am going to be using Python in our embedded
monitoring products. If I can get permission from the Big Cheeze, I will
join PSA and put up a page on Python/PharLap. (Hmm...  I think
WHOPHARTED.lib would be a good name for it, don't you?)

Warren Postma
ZTR Control Systems

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