More IIS crashing and blank .asp pages

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Fri Feb 25 16:27:17 CET 2000

I tried once deleting all the .pyc files, but that only made the server keep
crashing, so I had to reinstall python
(guess I was overaggressive in my deletions...

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> From: 	Guido van Rossum[SMTP:guido at]
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> Subject: 	Re: More IIS crashing and blank .asp pages
> Jason Nadler <dixon at> writes:
> > OK, I thought I fixed the crashing bug by stepping up to the newest
> Python
> > language version (as well as the win32 extensions).
> > Now, my server is spitting out blank .asp pages for those which use
> python.
> I wonder if this could be related to a bug that was recently discussed
> on the win32 registered users list?
> It turned out that some process generating .py and .pyc files for COM
> usage was so fast that the second time the .py file was written, it
> has the same timestamp as the first time; this caused the .pyc file
> not to be written.  Since the first .py version didn't have any code
> in it, the .pyc file was pretty minimal.  Solution was to delete the
> .pyc files...
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